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With rising consumer expectations of the service experience, most dealers state that customer retention is their primary concern. In fact, recent Xtime studies found that 94 percent of dealers consider the service experience to be more important than the repair itself. The key is delivering an automotive ownership lifecycle that is interconnected and integrated. However, 83 percent of dealers say that their current systems do not provide a superior ownership experience*.

That’s why Xtime created Spectrum, the industry’s first and only cloud-based Service Experience Platform.

At this year’s NADA Convention & Expo, attendees are getting a first look at the new and enhanced product suite. Spectrum delivers what vehicle owners and service personnel want and need—an entire experience using a completely integrated system.

Spectrum consists of four tightly-integrated products — Invite, Schedule, Engage and Inspect powered by Service Pro — each optimizing an essential part of the ownership experience.

*Based on research conducted by FARM, 2016

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Increase overall shop efficiency and retain new and lost customers with Xtime Invite.

Turn unsold shop capacity into revenue with timely service promotions to retain new customers and lost souls:

  • Powerful demand generation capabilities
  • Integrated scheduling and customer touchpoints
  • Visualize and target unsold shop capacity
  • Increase overall shop efficiency

Capture and grow service business by emphasizing value, convenience and trust with Xtime Schedule.

Deliver a premium vehicle ownership experience:

  • Customer convenience through multi-channel scheduling options
  • Professional and consistent menu recommendations and pricing
  • Power shop management and scheduling control
  • Integration with recalls, deferred services, promotions and more

Simplify the service lane process with instant access to menus, inspections, recalls, tires, and service history with Xtime Engage.

Provide a superior service lane experience:

  • Instant access to history, recommendations and more
  • Consistent check-in and checkout process
  • Professional service estimates
  • Customer engagement tools with Two-Way Text Messaging & Status Boards

Boost Revenue and Streamline Operations with Inspect powered by Service Pro

Maximize shop efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Built-in inspection processes with integrated customer approvals
  • Intra-dealership chat
  • On-hand parts and inventory information
  • Centralized historical access to service history and past recommendations

Modern consumers demand top-notch service, and delivering that type of premium ownership experience translates into increased customer loyalty. Having the right tools is imperative to customer retention, which is why Spectrum offers state-of-the-art solutions to proactively address customer concerns, as well as give service personnel the tools to successfully interact with customers and take better care of vehicles—all leading to a better ownership experience. Xtime Spectrum is an extension of our mission, which is to deliver the experience consumers demand – one that emphasizes value, convenience and trust.

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Visit Xtime at NADA Booth #1311C

Xtime is at NADA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas! Stop by booth #1311C to demo our latest product suite, Spectrum.

It’s not too late to schedule a demo! Simply go our demo calendar and book a time most convenient for you. We look forward to seeing you!

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Check Out the Refreshed

Xtime is excited to announce the launch of our new website, offering OEMs and dealerships a richer, more engaging experience.

Learn about our newest products and services, watch the latest videos, as well as calculate the ROI on your Xtime investment!

“This is more than just a web redesign—this is a new experience centered on delivering the latest information about how to improve the automotive service experience,” said Jim Roche, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Managed Services. “The interactive site offers quick and easy access to essential information and provides easier access to Xtime’s resources than ever before.”

Our website may have gotten a makeover, but you can access your Xtime account as you did before. Simply click on “login” in the top right corner or click here.

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Performance Management Team Enhances Utilization of Xtime Products

In an age of heightened competition, the rules of customer engagement have morphed into a full range of results-driven experiences, ongoing dialogues and mutually beneficial relationships—not just a one-off training or troubleshooting session. With this in mind—and on the heels of the introduction of Spectrum—Xtime is proud to offer top-notch services to allow dealerships to reach their full potential. Dealer Performance Consultants and Dealer Performance Specialists help define and implement best practices to ultimately lead to improved dealer utilization and tangible business results.

By offering tailored forms of expertise, each group helps dealerships create a high-end ownership experience for their vehicle owners in a unique and valuable way. While your Performance Specialist offers remote, shorter and more frequent engagement for tactical operations, your Performance Consultant offers deeper consultative best practices.


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Sustained phone meetings with your Performance Specialist ensure your success—and are provided at no additional cost! See the latest program enhancements, obtain suggestions for driving web business and review a customized Health Check Card containing a detailed analysis of your Xtime utilization.

For a more hands-on approach to meeting the evolving demands of a modern service department, Performance Consultants visit dealerships remotely or on-site to provide advanced education to staff, as well as to identify opportunities to maximize ROI. And the results speak for themselves! Based on a recent customer satisfaction survey, the Performance Consulting team yielded a rating of 99% satisfaction, 100% satisfaction on the value of the experience and 99% of participants saying they would recommend Xtime to their industry peers.

Consistent engagement with the Dealer Performance team is key not only for better utilization of technologies, but also for increased show rates, revenue and profitability.

“When I started this job almost six years ago, the dealership didn’t have much in the way of technology—no CRM, no database—so our goal in implementing the Xtime suite was to integrate the service drive, scheduling capabilities and the customer information,” said Trent Stricker, IT Director/BDC Manager of Family Nissan of Laredo in Texas. “Being able to have access to all of this information has given our customers the confidence that we can care for them properly, while having a single point of contact at Xtime who can train, troubleshoot, answer questions and give us the tools we need to succeed with the products has been very helpful.”

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