Xtime’s Marketing 7 Enables Dealerships to Recapture “Lost Souls” and Increase Service Revenue

Xtime’s Marketing 7 Enables Dealerships to Recapture “Lost Souls” and Increase Service Revenue

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — May 19, 2015Xtime today announced that dealers using the Marketing 7 component of the Xtime Retention System have experienced a significant number of customer recaptures and notable service revenue from those reengaged customers. As the premier customer retention solution in the automotive industry, Xtime enables dealers to deliver more value, convenience and trust in the service drive. In particular, Marketing 7 helps dealers combat the high defection rate often seen in service departments by enabling dealers to reengage and recover lost souls—those customers who at one time patronized the dealer service department but haven’t visited in 15 months or more.

By utilizing Marketing 7 campaigns to target lost souls, dealerships have realized on average:

  • 24 lost souls recaptured per month
  • 2.3 years since last visit
  • $358 customer-paid repair order value

“These remarkable results are fueled by Marketing 7’s unique approach to customer recapture,” said Xtime President Neal East. “Dealerships lose an average of 29 percent of service customers within only one year, which is a huge amount of lost future revenue. With Marketing 7, dealers have a closed loop marketing system with three unique features that bring customers back to the dealership.”

Marketing 7’s unique features include the ability to visualize unsold service capacity with the patent-pending Opportunity Dashboard, which projects unsold shop capacity and related potential lost revenue. With these insights, dealers can then use time-based discounting, the second feature, to launch promotions for unsold time slots and win back lost souls. Time-based discounting has been used successfully in other industries such as airlines and hotels, but Xtime is the first to bring the concept to the automotive industry.

The third unique feature of Marketing 7 is full integration with the Xtime Retention System, which integrates customer service touch points into one modern service retail experience. Marketing 7 increases service demand, with promotions flowing through to Xtime’s Scheduling 7 to capture leads and book appointments, and finally to Check-In 7 to greet and process the customer in the service lane.

“Unlike other marketing products available, Marketing 7 is part of a greater system that incorporates all customer service touch points into one modern service retail experience,” continued East. “In effect, any service details—from discounts to recommendations to pricing—are consistent. By combining this form of integration with the ability to visualize capacity and utilize time-based discounting, Marketing 7 is key to creating and maintaining loyal service customers.”

To learn more about how Xtime’s Marketing 7 enables dealerships to win back lost souls, dealers should contact Xtime at (888) 463-3888 or salesweb@xtime.com.

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Xtime® delivers retention solutions for the retail automotive industry. Addressing the customer’s needs around value, convenience and trust, the Xtime Retention System integrates all customer touch points into a unified system for both consumers and service personnel, resulting in increased service retention for OEMs and their dealerships.

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